I’m Ben,
a freelance product designer

based in Hong Kong.

Not available till July '24

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I help early-stage startups
go from 0 to 1 with design strategy + execution.

I have a decade of experience working with startups at different stages – from pre-customer to scalable, designing products users love with a focus on delivering business growth.

I am interested in collaborating with early-stage startup/founders building products with purpose.

Ben has had a massive impact on our product and the viability of our business.

CEO, Small Batch Learning

Some companies I’ve worked with

  • Small Batch


Small Batch


Here’s the thing.

I go beyond visuals.

How I can help you

I design for meaningful outcomes. Smooth onboarding, conversions, sustained engagement for retention — it all starts with the why.


UX Audit

UX Strategy

Journey Mapping

User Research

Usability Testing

Data & UX Metrics


Product Design

Web Design

Landing Page

Design System

No-code Dev

Pitch Deck

A lot of creativity comes
from asking questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Price varies depending on your needs and the scope of work.

A full project starts from $2500 USD.

Let's chat first and understand your design needs to see how I can help.

What’s your design process?

Why you and not someone else?

What can I expect working with you?

I’m interested but not 100% sure, what can I do?

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